January 14, 2014

New blog

Hi everyone!

I know I've probably lost almost all of the readers I had after such a long silence. But for those of you still following me: I'm very sorry for not posting for so long. There's just been a lot of things going on in my personal life, I didn't have the energy to blog anymore. I've missed it terribly though. I'm back now, but with a brand new blog - and my own domain name! It's only just up, so it's not much at the moment, but I have SO  many ideas to post about! So I hope to see you there :)

March 14, 2011

H&M Conscious collection

Last year, H&M brought out the Garden Collection; this year, we get a new organic collection called the Conscious Collection. I didn't really like the Garden Collection, but I am absolutely CRAZY about the new Conscious Collection! I want almost everything! Unfortunately, I don't think my bank account is going to allow me to buy it all, so I'll have to choose... Though choice!

Anyway, here are soms links to blogs who have posted the collection (I didn't feel like downloading and uploading everything, sorry!).


By the way: the collection will be in stores on march 15.


March 12, 2011

New layout

Spring is finally on it's way, so I thought I'd change my layout (since the last one was sort of winter-y).

Hope you like it!


Summer inspiration

I can't wait 'till it's warm enough to wear outfits like this!



March 11, 2011


Some outfits from the past week :)

Outfit from last friday. Black and white striped skirt (H&M, 9.90€), black tank top (H&M, 4.90€), denim shirt (H&M, 24.90€), black waist belt (H&M, 3€), black tights, jewelry

Outfit from tuesday. Black jegging (Primark, 8£), top (2.50€, thrifted). The top is 'new', bought it on monday. It's from Mango originally.

Yesterday's outfit. Shirt dress (New Look, 12€), black shorts (H&M, 14.90€), black tights, grey ankle boots (12£)


March 09, 2011



I can't remember if I've mentioned it already, but I got a haircut last week and a few days later I dyed my hair; first time I did it myself!

Yes, I look really tired, I know :p

This is the hair dye I used:

It wasn't as easy to apply as the commercial would have you believe, but it's still way easier than 'regular' hair dye (which I would never be able to do properly on my own). The result is pretty good I think, although it's a LOT darker than I expected it to be. Had to get used to it, but I like it :)


March 05, 2011



Here's what I bought since I got back from London :)

Shirt, Vögele, gift from my parents. I got something else too, but aparently I forgot to take a picture...

Rngs, Kruidvat

Facial masks, Dr. Van Der Hoog, Kruidvat

Hair bands, Kruidvat

Blush from Bourjois, Kruidvat, 12.90€

Catrice pencil sharpener, Kruidvat

Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse hair colour, Kruidvat. With free hair brush.

Earrings, Kruidvat

Earrings, Zeeman

Laptop bag, Kruidvat, 5.99€

Little make up bag, Kruidvat, 1.99€




Before I went to London, I got two tags from the wonderful Lisa from Liesewiesje. I finally found some time two answer the questions! I'm really tired though, so I didn't really feel like translating them, sorry! They're in Dutch.

Deze tag gaat over jouw als persoon. Iedereen is mooi, en dan bedoel ik niet het uiterlijk, maar het innerlijk.
Wat moet je doen?
1. Bedank degene van wie je de tag gekregen hebt met een linkje naar zijn/haar website!

Dat heb ik hierboven dus gedaan :)

2. Beantwoord de 5 onderstaande vragen.

3. Stuur de tag door naar zoveel mogelijk Beautiful Persons die je kent!
De vragen:
1. Welke karaktereigenschappen waardeer je in jezelf?
Euhm, ik vind van mezelf dat ik open-minded en zorgzaam ben.

2. Wat zijn je dromen?
Gewoon gelukkig zijn :)
3. Wie zijn je het meest dierbaar?
Mijn familie (ouders, broer, oma) en mijn beste vrienden. Ik zou niet weten wat ik zonder ze zou moeten.

4. Waar ben je heel goed in?

Net als Lisa ben ik erg goed in het onthouden van kleine dingen (zoals als iemand ooit iets verteld heeft ofzo) en ik vind dat ik wel goed kan luisteren en met kinderen omgaan.

5. Waar word je heel blij van?

Mijn oppaskindjes (of kindjes op mijn stage of vakantiejob) die heel blij en enthousiast zijn om me te zien en om een knuffel komen vragen ^_^

On to the next tag which is the Versatile Blogger Award

Vertel 7 random facts over jezelf

- Ik vind het heel leuk om af en toe juwelen in elkaar te prutsen, als ik er de tijd voor heb.
- Ik zou heel graag zelf kleren willen leren maken!
- De series die ik op dit moment volg zijn Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries en Supernatural. In de zomer volg ik ook True Blood. En ik heb nog een hele waslijst van series die ik nog moet bekijken :p
- Ik kan ab-so-luut niet zingen. En dat vind ik erg jammer!
- Ik ben gek op prentjes met quotes/tekstjes op. Op tumblr zijn er enorm veel te vinden, daar kan ik me echt uren mee bezighouden!
- Ik gebruik al jaren Amor Amor van Cacharel.
- Mijn favoriete bloemen zijn klaprozen; die je uiteraard niet in een vaas kan houden, zonde :p

I'm not going to pass the tag on, but everyone who wants to, can just copy it and put it on their blog :)

I'll try to post another shoplog tomorow, with everything I bought after I got back from London! Already took pictures of everything, so :)


March 02, 2011

London shoplog

Finally: London shoplog! Way late, I know, but I still had to take pictures of a few things and I never really found the time for it.
Anyway: here you go!

I love London Sweater, souvenir shop, 15€

Baseball jacket, H&M, 30€

Big belt, H&M, 3£

Denim blouse, H&M, 25€

Light blue denim dress, H&M, 30€

Bodycon skirt (white/dark blue stripes), H&M, 10€

Black jegging, Primark, 8£

Bird earrings, Accessorize, don't remember the price

Beautiful tights, New Look & Primark, 2 - 3£

Cupcake first aid kit (with cupcake bandages, so cute!), New Look

Eye mask, New Look

Sunglasses, Primark, 3£

Ice cream ballpoint pen, forgot the name of the store.

Purse, Primark. The colour is actually a little darker and way prettier.

Boots, Primark, 12£

Cutest little bag, Accessorize

Ring, Accessorize

Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar (bought 2), Lush

Grease lightning, Lush

Coat, Camden market, 35£

Dress, Camden market, 10£