September 23, 2010

Outfit of the day!


Outfit of today :) The dress is new, btw. And I'm wearing a black skirt + top underneath because the dress is a little see-through. You can't see it on the pictures very well, but the dress is dark blue/gray.

Dress (5€, market), skirt (4,90€, H&M), top (Hema), belt (H&M, came with a skirt), black tights (1€, Hema), music note necklace, music note earrings (Six), ballet flats (12,90€, H&M).

As you can see, my hair is dark red now :)


September 21, 2010

L'Oréal Accords Naturels

Hello again!

I while ago, I bought the L'Oréal Accords Naturels eyeshadow for brown eyes. I promised to take pictures and post a review when I tried it out.

I also used black and gold eye pencil.

I'm really really happy I bought this eyeshadow palet! It's a little too special for everyday, but I like this look for when I go for a drink or to a party with friends.

And yes, I really really really needed a haircut! Had my hair cut and coloured last week, so happy with it! Will post pictures as soon as I manage to make a decent picture of myself, lol.


Outfit from last week


Home sick today...and tomorrow. Hate it! Especially since the weather is so beautiful...
Anyway, it gives me the time to update my blog :)

This is an outfit from last week (sorry, I promise better pictures in the future!)

Wearing: jegging (Zeeman), green shirt (H&M), brown belt (2nd hand store, Kringloopwinkel), brown boots (gift from my grandmother), necklace with dove, heart and four leaf clover (H&M), feather earrings (Six, Pimkie)

September 15, 2010

Forever 21 is coming to Europe!

I just read the most amazing news on Shopperella; Forever 21 is opening 2 stores in Europe! One in London and one in Antwerp. We'll have to wait 'till spring for the opening, but it's certainly something to look forward too! Can't wait!

September 14, 2010



I did some serious shopping in the past two weeks. It wasn't easy to find the time to take pictures and to post them, but here they (finally) are!

4,95€ (Six)

3,95€ I think (Pimkie)

Couldn't get a decent picture of it, sorry! Will post a better one later. Was marked 14,90€, but I only payed 7€ for it! (Pimkie)

t-shirt, 12,95€ (Pimkie)

Black and white striped t-shirt with shoulder detail, 14,90€ (Pimkie)

Jegging (was wearing this in the previous pictures as well), 17,90€ (Pimkie)

Better picture of the colour of the jegging (dark blue)

7,95€, Bershka

1,99€ (Wibra)

sticker for my laptop, don't remember the price exactly, but it was cheap (Wibra)

Brown circle scarf with gold sparkles, 4,99€ (Wibra)

hair mask, don't remember the price (Action)

I read a positive review on this so I got curious. Ridiculously cheap (less than 2€ I think) and indeed, works better than Nivea, Dove or Rexona. (Action)

Crease/blending brush, 12,99€ I think (Rituals)

Big powder brush, 19,99€ (Rituals)

Don't remember the price, Hema

Three eyeshadow brushes, around 2€ each I think (Hema)

Blush/bronzer brush (Hema)

Eyeshadow base (Hema)

Nail hardener nail polish, around 3€ (Hema)

Gosh foundation primer (Kruidvat)

Gosh mattifying finish pressed powder (Kruidvat)

Gosh liquid eyeliner, black with glitters (Kruidvat)

Cupcake lipgloss, 1.95€ (H&M)

I also bought: grey pumps (15€), black strapless dress with bird print (10€, Bershka), grey fake leather pants (29,90€, H&M), basic black tank top (4,90€, H&M), green dress (17,95€, Pimkie), necklace (4,90€, Pimkie), decorative shoulder pads to put on a shirt/dress/blazer/... (6,90€, Pimkie). Pictures will follow soon!