August 31, 2010

Bird necklace


I bought this beautiful broche a couple of months ago in this little accessory shop called I am (Veldstraat, Gent). I wanted to turn it in to a necklace, but never quite got around to it.
I went shopping with a friend yesterday and bought a lot of stuff (pictures will follow soon. I wanted to make pictures and post them today, but I needed to recharge the battery of my camera). One of which was this beautiful black strapless dress with birds on it. I had about half an hour spare time before I had to leave, so I decided to finally make the necklace, because it would be perfect to wear with the dress!
Here's the result! I'm really happy with it, it's so pretty!


August 25, 2010


Hello everyone!

Since I finally found the timer function on my new camera, I wanted to take an outfit picture yesterday evening. I forgot to put on the flash, so I didn't know if the camera had already taken the picture. So of course, just when the picture was taken, I moved. Which gave such a nice effect, I decided to use that picture anyway. No idea why the light looks so weird on the picture, but I like it.

I'm wearing: oversized T-shirt (bought it a few sizes too big because I didn't like it as a t-shirt, but I loved it as a dress!) in sale at Shoe Discount a few years ago (can't remember the price exactly, but it was cheap), simple black top underneath just in case (Hema), black leggings, black ankle boots (I remember they were 15€, but I can't remember the name of the store).
Yes, I like cheap outfits (being a poor student and all...)


August 23, 2010



I got my new camera on Friday! I'm really happy with it, the quality of the pictures is much better. I had some trouble finding the timer (I found it about half an hour ago, with a little help from my best friend). I went shopping with my parents yesterday; every Sunday there's this huge market in Brussels and we all like to go there when the weather's nice. I found a lot of pretty things, more than usual and I'm really happy with everything! My parents paid for most of it, which was also nice (lol). Unfortunately I took the pictures before I discovered the timer function on my camera, so I used a mirror to take pictures of the clothes I bought.

Dress, 10€. Prettier IRL. I'm probably going to wear it friday (dinner and drinks afterwards, with some friends).

My third pair of simple grey canvas shoes (wore the first pair until they fell apart, ruined the second pair last month by walking in the rain while wearing them). They were 5€ and they're soooo comfy!

Beautiful grey sweater I absolutely adore! I think I'm going to live in this as soon as the weather gets colder! 15€

Blue shorts (love the colour), 3€. To sleep in, or to work out in.

Gorgeous little grey handbag! Perfect for a night out. 10€

The cutest mini-paper-cupcake-shapes! 175 for 1€

L'Oréal Touche Magique 'anti-fatigue and illuminating concealer- smoothing effect', 5€. Not better or worse than other concealers I've tried.

L'Oréal Accords Naturels browshader and duo eyeshadow (old version). He didn't have the new version for brown eyes anymore, for which he sincerely appologized (it took him 5 minutes of searching to even find this one, so sweet). He told me the new version has a third eyeshadow shade, a very light one for the inner corners of your eyes. It was 7€. Haven't tried it yet, but I'll post a picture of it as soon as I do!

A t-shirt that I got for 2€! This is also what I'm wearing today (t-shirt + jegging).

And last, but not least: the outfit I was wearing yesterday.

August 14, 2010


First of all: thank you all for your reactions! It's nice to know people are actually visiting and reading my blog ;)

In answer to your questions: I'm still not sure which camera I'm getting. I would love to get a semi-professional camera, but since I tend to drop my camera a lot, that's not a good idea... On top of that, I couldn't afford it anyway (I'm already saving money to go to London and New York, so I can't afford to make big expenses right now) and I don't think my parents are willing to spend that much on a camera for me.

But there's this pretty cheap store in Belgium that sell different things every week (Aldi, voor mijn lieve landgenootjes). They sell electronics every now and then and I've always heard that the quality of those electronics is pretty good. Funny enough, they're selling cameras next week (the brand is called Medion) including 2GB memory card, carrying bag (which I've also wanted for a while) and 2 batteries. I asked my dad if he wanted to check the internet tomorrow to see if it's a good camera, he knows more about that stuff than I do.
Of course, even if I get this one for my birthday, there's a pretty good chance they're gonna make me wait to open the box until my birthday. We'll see.

UPDATE: my dad just took a look at the information about the camera on the internet, looks good to him, so I'll probably get that one.
It's the Medion MD 86276.
# 14.0 megapixels
# 3" lcd-colour screen
# 3 x optic zoom, 5 x digital zoom
# with camerafunction (audio & video)
# incl. 2 GB SD memory card
# incl. 2 Li-ion batteries
# incl bag, USB cable, software cd, etc.

August 11, 2010

Short message

As I mentioned before: I dropped my camera (again) and it's not working anymore. Before I dropped it, however, I noticed the quality of the pictures was getting worse by the day. Even if my dad can fix my camera, the problem with the quality will probably remain. I talked about it with my mom and we decided that I get to pick out a new camera for my birthday next month. Unfortunately, this means that until then, I probably won't post a lot of pictures of my outfits or things I've bought (maybe a few crappy webcam-pictures). So: sorry for that! I'll make up for it with a huge amount of photo's when I have my new camera!


Diane Birch

An article on Welikefashion just brought Diane Birch to my attention (click here to read the article). I only knew one of her songs, "Valentino", which I don't particularly like. But after doing some reasearch, I must admit: she is AMAZING! I really like her other songs and I absolutely adore her style! Here are some of my favourite pictures:

Click here to find more info, pictures, video's and music of Diane Birch!

August 07, 2010

Quick shoplog


Today I unexpectedly had a little time to do some shopping. I bought a a white long-sleeved blouse (8€), a black cardigan (also 8€; I allready had a black cardigan with 3/4 sleeves, this one has long sleeves) and a grey hoodie (with zipper, 15€). All of which I really needed. I'm trying to save some money, so I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything I don't really need.
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures...I was making outfit pictures yesterday and dropped my camera (fourth time...). It's not working anymore... I'm gonna see if I can get my dad to fix it for me (last time I broke my camera, he told me he wouldn't fix it anymore if I dropped it again, but I'm hoping he forgot about that).

On another subject: I've recently discovered quite a few new blogs and added them to my list. They're certainly worth checking out!


August 05, 2010


Some pictures of the new Gestuz campaign.

I especially love the middle picture. I'd wear that outfit as is.

Source: Little Plastic Horses; Studded Hearts

August 04, 2010

Outfit of the day + new necklace and bracelet

Skinny jeans (H&M), black top (H&M), necklace (new, gift from my grandmother). I was wearing black allstars with this. Simple outfit for a day of work.

Bracelet I made myself :) It's not perfect, but I kind of like it that way. It's pretty big though (I have to wear it on my upper arm, or I'll lose it), so I don't think I'll wear it that often. But it was fun to make :)


Biker vs beach

Source: Fashion Canvas

Source: Knightcat

August 03, 2010

Inspiration; Grease 2010

Source: Reverie

Tomorrow more inspiration and some pictures of my own :)

Good night!

August 01, 2010

First pedicure

Yesterday, I had my first pedicure. There was this special offer in a magazine (Flair, which I only by when they have offers like this), for a pedicure for only 10€. So I went with my mom. We choose a place nearby, in Aalst (for my beautiful Belgian people: this is the site, if you're interested). It was called MarNis beauty and wellness. It was a lovely house and the people were friendly but professional. Both my mom and I decided we were defenitely coming back! I took a look at their prices, they're pretty cheap compared to other places.
I forgot to take a before-picture, but this was how my toes looked after the pedicure. I chose a nice copper colour (my mom chose flashy purple).