November 24, 2010

Antwerp shoplog + outfits

Hi :)

A few weeks ago, I went shopping in Antwerp (again). Spent way too much money, but had so much fun!

Starbucks! Café latte & chocolate decadence cake

Green army-style long shirt (with a black skirt underneath, because it's just too short to wear as a dress), New Yorker, 12.90€. I promise to make a decent picture of this later (it's in the laundry now)

Cat ears! Claire's, sale, so they were only 2.50€!

Long, warm, grey scarf, JBC, 15€

Outfit with new grey knitted sweater (JBC, 44.90€, but 50% off, so only 22.45€! And it's so warm!)

Another outfit. Doesn't photograph well, no idea why (looks better irl). The skirt has a very high split at the back, btw ;)
Anyway: denim pencil skirt (no idea, it was a gift), grey V-neck t-shirt (H&M, 4.90€), my new sweater from JBC and black ankle boots from H&M (34.90€).


November 12, 2010

Emma Watson at HP Deathly Hallows part 1 premiere

Most of you have already seen the pictures; but this is the lovely dress Emma Watson was wearing at the HP 7 premiere. I think she looks amazing!

November 05, 2010

Jimmy Eat World concert


Yesterday evening, I went to Brussels for the Jimmy Eat World concert. I went alone, but I had a great time! Here are the pictures I took. I also made some videos; I'll try to post them later.

I bought a T-shirt before the concert (25€):

Minus The Bear:

Jimmy Eat World!




I took a few pictures on monday I thought I'd share with you :)

Irish coffee

Beautiful yellow leaves of the trees... You can't really see it in the pictures, but the sky was really blue.


Short shoplog


My mom asked me to pick up some make-up remover for her, so naturally I ended up buying a few things for myself as well.

The Essence "Denim wanted" limited edition collection is practically sold out everywhere - I just managed to get my hands on the grey nail polish. But suddenly I found one store who still had the entire collection! My first instinct was to buy the entire collection; so I calmed myself down and took the time to think about what I should or shouldn't take home with me. I ended up buying three things.

First: the two gel eyeliners; black and grey. I've tried out the black one already and I must say; I totally agree with all the positive reviews I've read! Really easy to put on, looks pretty and stays on long. This is without a doubt my new favourite eyeliner! The only thing I don't like is that it's a big package with very few eyeliner inside. I'm thinking of going back and buying up all the eyeliner (or all the black ones at least), lol.

The collection also contains 5 colours of nail polish: black, pink, grey, dark blue and light blue (I forgot the names, sorry). I already have black (from Rimmel) and grey (from this collection) and I didn't really like the pink or light blue one. So I only bought the dark blue; I saw swatches of it on a blog and it looked absolutely beautiful!

I didn't particularly like the colours of the eye shadows or the lip gloss, so I didn't buy any of those.

Copper/gold nail polish, Hema

Nail polish remover pads, to put in my purse for 'emergencies'.


November 02, 2010

Lanvin for H&M video


This morning, H&M released this video with a preview of the Lanvin for H&M collection.

I like the video, but I didn't really see anything I HAVE to have. The only thing I really liked was the black one-shoulder dress, but I already have too many black dresses so I don't think I'll buy it...

November 01, 2010

Some October outfits


I've taken pictures of some of my outfits in the last month; I just haven't posted them yet. Since yesterday was the last day of October, I thought I'd just post all of my October outfit-pictures together :) I'll try to post them sooner next time.

First outfit. At the beginning of October, there were a few warmer days (20°C!). This was an outfit for one of those days. There was a late night shopping event in Gent that evening.

Dark blue denim leggings (17.90€, Pimkie), long grey tanktop (4.90€, Bershka), black boots (Pimkie, 20€ in sale)

Detail: necklace

Better picture of the boots

Second outfit. No more warm days...

Black/white checkered high waisted skirt (H&M, 19.90€), blue t-shirt (H&M), black cardigan with 3/4 sleeves (Zara, sale), black ankle boots (H&M, 35€), jewelry

My beautiful necklace, birthday gift from my best friend. Still love it <3

Ring, Six

Earrings (Pimkie)

Third outfit. Not a day outfit (I'm currently doing an internship at a preschool/elementary school, so this wouldn't really be appropriate...), but to go see a movie and a drink afterwards with a few friends. First picture of my H&M fake leather pants btw :) Lovelovelove them!

Grey fake leather pants (H&M, 29.90€), grey t-shirt (H&M, 4.90€), black boots (Pimkie, 20€, sale), jewelry

Black plastic bracelets, two black/silver rings (the left one from I am, the right one from Six @ Inno)

Fourth outfit. I really wanted to wear my shirtdress, but I wanted to wear jeans too. So here was my compromise. I tried it on, not thinking it would look good, but it turned out pretty good :) Looks better irl, really liked the outfit!

Stonewash jeans legging (Vero Moda I think? 29.90€), blue/grey checkered shirtdress (10€, market), black tank top underneath (H&M, 4.90€), black waist belt (H&M, came with a skirt), black boots (second hand, 1€!). I was also wearing the necklace from the first outfit. And some rings too, but I don't remember which ones and forgot to take a picture of them.