October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hi again!

I had two halloween party's this week. I don't have any good pictures of my outfit for the first one (I was a pirate - a friend of mine took pictures, but she hasn't sent them yet), but here are some pictures of my second halloween outfit :)

Black dress (H&M, 15€), belt (H&M, came with a skirt), witch hat (gift), pentacle necklace, necklace with gem, black ankle boots (H&M, 35€)

Fake nails, black nail polish (Rimmel), mat top coat (Essence), white nail art pen (Essence; only did that one nail though)


Eye make-up. I used gosh velvet touch eye primer, essence smokey eyes set, essence fake eyelashes, gosh liquid eye liner (black with glitters), black Clinique mascara

I was also wearing this dark red lipstick by Max (Action).

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Shoplog :)

Hey everyone!

Here are some pictures of what I've bought the last couple of weeks.

Left to right: Six, I am, Six, Six, I am

Catrice perfect adapt concealer

Catrice eye shadow pallet

Dr. Van Der Hoog face mask, Kruidvat, 1€ (sale)

Essence face mask, Kruidvat

Essence anti spot patches, Kruidvat

Essence compact powder

Ring, Kruidvat

Essence nail polish, Kruidvat, 1.59€ and 1.29€

Glass nail file, Hema

Essence smokey eyes set, Kruidvat

Gosh velvet touch eye primer, Kruidvat

I bought the essence smokey eyes set and the gosh velvet touch eye primer yesterday; I had a friend's birthday party in halloween style to go to. I also bought fake eye lashes and fake nails, but I forgot to take a picture before I used them.


October 24, 2010

Essence nail polish review

A while ago, I bought the grey nail polish from Essence's limited edition "Denim wanted" and Essence mat top coat nail polish. Here's a short review :)

I'm really happy with both of them, they are easy to put on and they last at least 2 or 3 days (most nail polish lasts less then a day with me...)! The mat top coat also dries really really quick, which is a big plus! I was pleasantly surprised, because I've read bad reviews about Essence nail polish in the past, but they seem to have improved. Another big plus is of course the price: 1.29€ or 1.59€, depending on the size.
Anyway, here are the swatches:

Denim wanted grey nailpolish without top coat

Denim wanted grey nail polish + mat top coat


October 10, 2010

Another shoplog


Here are some pictures of some of the things I've bought in the past couple of weeks :)

Boots! (Pimkie, 33€, 40% off, so 20€)

Necklace pendant. Only 2€! Bought it at a little shop in Antwerp.

Lush samples!

Lush sugar scrub (against cellulite). Forgot the price.

Beautiful necklace, gift from my best friend and his boyfriend!

Nail polish corrector pencil, Essence (forgot the price, but it was cheap!)

Eye make up remover, Bourjois, 3€ (special discount)

Make-up remover, Bourjois, 3€ (special discount). Not very pleased with these, it irritates the skin underneath my eyes.

Grey nailpolish (Denim wanted limited edition, Essence), matt top coat nailpolish (Essence), both under 2€

Ring (Kruidvat, about 4€)

Facial mask with mud from the Dead Sea (Dr. Van Der Hoof, Kruidvat, about 2€)

Earrings (Kruidvat, about 4€)

The strapless bird print dress I bought about a month ago and still needed to post a picture of :) (10€, Bershka)


October 06, 2010


A picture of me and my friends that was taken at the last party I attended (last saturday of September). Had a really great time!

I've done a lot of shopping (again), I've made pictures of almost everything, so I'll try to post them this weekend! The last two weeks have been crazy busy, so I don't have a lot of time to update, but I'll do my best to post a little more often again :)