March 02, 2011

London shoplog

Finally: London shoplog! Way late, I know, but I still had to take pictures of a few things and I never really found the time for it.
Anyway: here you go!

I love London Sweater, souvenir shop, 15€

Baseball jacket, H&M, 30€

Big belt, H&M, 3£

Denim blouse, H&M, 25€

Light blue denim dress, H&M, 30€

Bodycon skirt (white/dark blue stripes), H&M, 10€

Black jegging, Primark, 8£

Bird earrings, Accessorize, don't remember the price

Beautiful tights, New Look & Primark, 2 - 3£

Cupcake first aid kit (with cupcake bandages, so cute!), New Look

Eye mask, New Look

Sunglasses, Primark, 3£

Ice cream ballpoint pen, forgot the name of the store.

Purse, Primark. The colour is actually a little darker and way prettier.

Boots, Primark, 12£

Cutest little bag, Accessorize

Ring, Accessorize

Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar (bought 2), Lush

Grease lightning, Lush

Coat, Camden market, 35£

Dress, Camden market, 10£



  1. Oooh, great things that you bought! :D Lovely dresses and earrings for example! :D Enjoy your new things! :)

  2. Erg leuke shoplog. Ik vind het baseball jacket en de bodycon skirt je erg goed staan :)

  3. Thanks! :D
    I absolutely love everything <3

  4. Hi Joni,
    You look sooo amazing!
    I think I felt in love with the beautiful girl in the denim shirt!
    It's a pitty I can't contact You :-(

  5. Hey Juni,
    maybe we could write and learn more about eachother.
    My name is Michael, I'm from Germany. And I#m very excited in coming to know You.
    I hope that doesn't sound to weird :-)
    Yours Michael

    ICQ: 282579735

    Hope to hear from You